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Some thoughts after Paris...

I've had over a week to stop thinking about the attacks on Paris. Or to start thinking about them again. Or to simply never stop thinking about them.  The latter turns out to be the case.

Like 9/11, it was as if the world stood still on November 13. And in the silence, a question....what can we do so this never happens again?  But there is a vacuum with no answer.

My mother always told me “two wrongs don’t make a right”. After reading the moving letter written by Antoine Leiris whose wife died at the hand of the terrorists, understood what she meant. Persecuting innocent refugees and good Muslims is wrong. Being more careful but not letting fear run us, is right.

So like Antoine, “you will not have my hatred” Mr./Ms. Terrorist. I will not make two wrongs by meeting your evil and hatred with the gift of my own hatred.

The more people we usher into freedom and help to respect that freedom and one another, the more we make right in the world.

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