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Reviews for What Lies We Keep

"Most every character is fairly flawed, in ways both touchingly human and sometimes disheartening, but the novel’s most moving when it reveals there’s more to these people than expected, as in a lovely exchange between Charlotte and the mother she considers cold and disapproving. Unexpected warmth and connection amid the suspense will keep readers turning the pages." booklife by Publishers Weekly


"In her compelling novel about the devastating impact of lies and the search for a fulfilling life, Janet Roberts balances a thrilling plot of corporate greed and corruption with credible, richly-drawn characters. Through sharp dialogue, cinematic descriptions, and even a covert FBI operation, this novel explores the relationship between a husband and wife in the aftermath of one well-intentioned but misguided decision. What Lies We Keep raises powerful questions: Are lies justified if they are made to protect the ones we love? Can success be defined by more than social status and salary?  I devoured this creative, twisty story with its flawed but sympathetic characters." Jill Caugherty, author of The View From Half Dome and Waltz in Swing Time

“A moving narrative that shines a spotlight on life’s choices. This one will leave you wondering if the grass is really green on the other side.” Jen Craven, author of The Baby Left Behind

What Lies We Keep will captivate fans of writers like Jennifer Weiner, that best-selling expert at writing about family secrets and the ties that bind, but it’s Janet Roberts’ brilliant and fresh prose, and her big-hearted, messy, real characters that set this work apart. Roberts honors the complexity of what it means to be human and flawed, grounded and lost, while giving readers a page-turning tale of love and deception and, ultimately, hope. There is no easy ending here, and I’m so grateful for that.” Lori Jakiela, author of They Write Your Name on a Grain of Rice


“Janet Roberts’ What Lies We Keep examines what happens when we keep things from those we love and how that can lead to a tangled knot that can be difficult to unravel. Instead of protecting his loved ones, Ted’s lies lead to hurt and heartbreak—and possible criminal charges. Charlotte and Ted must work through both his mistakes and the fractures in their marriage. A wonderful book with in-depth and flawed characters as well as a how-will-they- get-out-of-that plot.” Pamela Stockwell, author of A Boundless Place and The Tender Silver Stars

“A thought-provoking dissection of a once-stable marriage and the fault lines that erupt when one member crosses an ethical line, resulting in repercussions that threaten the very essence of the family unit. Moving between the gritty streets of Pittsburgh and the wide-open ranches of Montana, What Lies We Keep is a realistic, moving novel of complex relationships, the corrosive power of secrets, and the challenges a couple must face when the things they hold dear are the very things that may tear them apart.” Maggie Smith, award-winning author of Truth and Other Lies


“In What Lies We Keep, author Janet Roberts illustrates a gripping story that dives into the complexities of modern life, where lies, marriage, cybersecurity, and the clash between corporate and country living collide. Each character is rich with their own moral dilemmas. With its compelling narrative and relevant themes, this book is sure to captivate readers and leave them pondering the complexities of truth and trust long after they turn that final page. It left me asking, ‘What is next for the McCords?’” Andrea Kittelson, Cybersecurity Awareness Expert at Rockwell International

What Lies We Keep is such a wonderful read! And the characters are so accurately and beautifully portrayed that even when/if not agreeing with their choices, one can’t help but want them to succeed and overcome their challenges (well . . . most of the characters anyway!). They are all so complex yet relatable: everyday people with everyday struggles. The story flows so naturally and the descriptions are so vivid that one feels right there amidst the action, even if one’s never visited Pittsburgh or Montana before. The plot is outstanding. Makes one truly reflect on how much lies can affect (devastate even!) our lives no matter how much the person telling them believes that in doing so they are protecting their loved ones. A few lines don’t really give this book justice: I loved reading it and loved ‘witnessing’ Ted’s and Charlotte’s journey (especially hers!).” Mora Durante Astrada, Global Head of Security Education and Awareness for Zurich Insurance

What Lies We Keep is a gripping and emotionally charged novel that explores the complexities of relationships and the power of secrets. The author does a fantastic job of creating authentic and relatable characters, each with their own flaws and struggles. The reader is pulled into the drama and tension of Ted and Charlotte’s lives, feeling their pain and confusion as they navigate the fallout of a long-held secret. The writing is beautifully crafted, with vivid descriptions and emotional depth that will keep readers turning the pages until the very end. I highly recommend What Lies We Keep to anyone looking for a gripping and emotional read that will stay with them long after they finish the last page.” Claire Hughes, Cybersecurity Awareness Expert

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