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What Lies We Keep

"In her compelling novel about the devastating impact of lies and the search for a fulfilling life, Janet Roberts balances a thrilling plot of corporate greed and corruption with credible, richly-drawn characters. Through sharp dialogue, cinematic descriptions, and even a covert FBI operation, this novel explores the relationship between a husband and wife in the aftermath of one well-intentioned but misguided decision. What Lies We Keep raises powerful questions: Are lies justified if they are made to protect the ones we love? Can success be defined by more than social status and salary?  I devoured this creative, twisty story with its flawed but sympathetic characters." 

-Jill Caugherty, author of The View From Half Dome and Waltz in Swing Time

“A moving narrative that shines a spotlight on life’s choices. This one will leave you wondering if the grass is really green on the other side.”

- Jen Craven, author of The Baby Left Behind

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