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Pittsburgh Lit Sites

Some Pittsburgh literary sites I love.

61B Cafe

I have to throw in my favorite neighborhood coffee shop where I like to go to get out of the house, have a great coffee and pastry, and write. Even though they don’t have Cafe Americano on the menu, they always make a great one for me! I love how it’s named after our local bus route which runs right by the cafe.


After Happy Hour Review

This is a cool literary journal that grew out of several local writing workshops. It’s helped me to connect in to some of the Pittsburgh literary scene and I looking forward to submitting here in the future.

After Happy Hour.png

City of Asylum Bookstore

My favorite indie bookstore and writers spot in town. It’s such a gift to Pittsburgh and it speaks so well of the city and it’s people. Plus the Pomme Frites at Brugge on North are awesome! City of Asylum creates a thriving community for writers, readers, and neighbors. It provides sanctuary to endangered literary writers, so that they can continue to write and their voices are not silenced. It also offers a broad range of literary programs in a variety of community settings to encourage cross-cultural exchange.

City fo Asylm.jpg


The online destination for the writers, publishing professionals, organizers, institutions, and readers who make Pittsburgh one of the world’s most literary cities. Littsburgh™ showcases Pittsburgh as a hub of literary talent and activity, and serves as a resource to foster further collaboration and connection within this community.


Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures

This is where I find brain food for my nerdy soul.  As often as possible, I try to attend and listen to a wide variety of authors, journalists, historians - whatever is on the list that looks like it will stretch my mind in a new direction.


White Whale Bookstore

A very active independent bookstore, they provide excellent author events in the store as well as support author readings elsewhere in the city by ordering and selling the author’s book at the event.  The selection of new books includes a broad range of contemporary and literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, history, philosophy, local authors, independent presses, children’s books, and much more. If they don’t have a book in stock, they are happy to order it for you.

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