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Feeling French @Margaux

What a crazy week! The Fern Hollow Bridge collapse at my beloved Frick Park. Getting back into the swing of things at work. Freezing cold temps outside. And working to find time to write.

This morning I'm trying out Margaux in Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood for the first time. The drip coffee au lait is super fantastic. It's a limited but interesting menu so I've opted for the breakfast sandwich. I opted out of the pepper jelly...just my taste preference, but sure it's wonderful. It's a lovely herbed biscuit, egg, cheese, arugula. I'm so hungry this morning and this will launch me right into working on the novel.

I'm halfway through some exciting revisions on The Lies that Brought Us Home. Stay tuned..

And if you run out on a cold and snowy morning, check out #margaux. It's fabulous!

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