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The Narrow Gate

If your book club is reading The Narrow Gate orThe Leaf Queen, I’d love to talk to your group, either in person if you’re in the Chicago area or by Skype or speakerphone. Please email me with Book Club in the subject line and include the date and time of your event.





The Leaf Queen


1. The Leaf Queen looks at Dina, a woman who is unlucky in love because she makes poor choices and then can’t seem to let go and walk away, and her sister, Celia, who makes all the right decisions. Do you relate to the experiences of Dina and have been unable to walk away from a toxic relationship or to the experiences of Celia and wanted desperately to save someone from an unhappy relationship?

2. What does having Luke as one of the narrators bring to the story and to the character of Luke himself?

3. Luke suffers from a sense of entitlement that incapable of sustaining a loving, positive and supportive elationship. Have you known someone like Luke and did they eventually find a way to evolve into a better way of handling relationships with others?

4. Dina seems at times weak and frustratingly inept at life, and at others strong and resilient. How did you see Dina and did she evolve in the way you had hoped by the end of the book?
5. Celia and Dina had a tough childhood, but their grandmother provided a lot of l
too. Do you think they made the best of the cards they were dealt or could they have done better and had an easier life?

6. Dina tends to bolt and run when things begin crashing around her, seeing a new city and a fresh start as a way to put the past behind her. Is this a good strategy or should she stay and face her situation, moving on with her life without physically moving?

7. Dina gave up a child to give the baby a better life. Have you known someone who went through a similar situation and were they eventually reunited with the child later in life?

8. Many people struggle with cancer and it puts a strain on their personal relationships. Have you known people who battled cancer and got great support from their significant other and others who did not get the support they eeded?

9. Do you think Dina would have found her way to becoming a strong, confident women who felt deserving of love without Michael? Could she have done this on her own?